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ISIN: LU1829218749 WKN: LYX0Z2 Typ: ETF Morningstar Rating: - Art der Replikation: synthetisch
26,450 EUR -0,14
Verzögerter Kurs: heute, 17:36:24
Aktuell gehandelt: 6.433 Stk.
KVG: Amundi Asset Management S....
Kategorie: Commodities
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Perf. 1 Jahr +42,68%
Perf. 5 Jahre -
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The investment objective of the Fund is to track both the upward and the downward evolution of the Refinitiv/CoreCommodity CRB Total Return Index (the 'Benchmark Index') denominated in US Dollars and converted in Euros, representative of the commodities market. The Benchmark Index tracks the changes in the prices of the futures contracts on energy, metals and agricultural products. For exposure to be maintained, the futures contract positions must be 'rolled'. Rolling futures contracts consists of transferring a position on futures contracts nearing maturity (and, in any case, before expiry of the futures contacts) onto futures contracts with a longer maturity. Investors are exposed to a risk of loss or gain arising from the roll operation on the futures contracts. In order to hedge against the USD/EUR currency risk, the Fund uses a daily hedging strategy which aims at reducing the impact of a change in the Fund currency against the currency of the Benchmark Index constituents.The Benchmark Index is a total return index. A total return index calculates the performance of the index constituents on the basis that any dividends or distributions are included in the index returns. The Fund seeks to achieve its objective via indirect replication by entering into an over-the-counter swap contract (financial derivative instrument, the 'FDI'). The Fund may also invest in a diversified portfolio of international equities, whose performance will be exchanged against the performance of the benchmark Index via the FDI.
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Fondszusammensetzung nach Land
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Global 100,00%
Übrige Länder 0,00%
Fondszusammensetzung nach Branche
Name der Branche Anteil im Fonds
Rohöl 22,22%
Erdgas 7,01%
Mais 6,43%
Sojabohnen 5,92%
Lebendrind 5,76%
Baumwolle 5,74%
Kupfer 5,69%
Heizöl 5,63%
Aluminium 5,62%
Gold 5,57%
Übrige Branchen 24,41%
Fondszusammensetzung nach Anlagearten
Name der Anlageart Anteil im Fonds
Rohstoffe 100,00%
Übrige Anlagearten 0,00%
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